Improve tomorrow's society supporting children today

Starting more than 14 years ago The Daydream Foundation has had a dream with a clear goal: to improve tomorrow's society by supporting the children and young people of today.
We work with a socio-educational project for the social integration of minors and young people who live in shelters or care homes, coming from marginalised backgrounds or troubled families.
We're aiming to establish connections with children and young people through volunteers who can become role models for them.

Translated by Annabel Walley within the initative PerMondo. Sponsored by Mondo Agit offering translations from Spanish into English.
  • Let's bonus
    Through Let's Bonus you can help
    Collaborates with the education of children and adolescents protected
    - The donation is € 2, € 5, € 10 to help tutuelados children or adolescents from marginal environments and broken families [+]
  • JornadaSOLIDARIA (2)
    Solidarity Day in Laietà Sports Club Foundation for Daydreaming
    Place and date of the event: Club Esportiu Laietà. Pintor Ribalta, 2-8 BCN
    Solidarity Day in Laietà Sports Club Foundation for CIDI Daydreaming and Sant Joan de Deu [+]
  • 046 French Strengthening Teià (Maresme)
    Ibra wants to regain its original language
  • Volunteer to carry 045- Abde to do vision therapy
    From Teia to Barcelona
  • Reinforcement 044- school in Santa Coloma de Gramenet
    2nd ESO