Improve tomorrow's society supporting children today


Working with the Daydream Foundation is one of the best ways for your business to fulfil its social responsibilities.
How to collaborate?

Corporate Volunteer (*)
Our goal is to involve businesses and institutions in the problems of children at risk of social exclusion.
We organize activities for employees can help and live for a day with children

- To support activities and / or specific programs FSD.
- Be Partner Company monthly or annually providing a fixed amount.
- Services: offering products or services for free or cheaper.
- Allocate the amount of corporate gifts to the FSD.

Solidarity Company
- To spread our message to employees, customers, suppliers, through mailings, appearances on their website, etc.
- Be transmitters of solidarity with consumers.
- Make dissemination of solidarity from FSD.
- Create a charity sporting event with workers of the company.

Marketing Solidario companies collaborations with FSD are a starting point for joint marketing actions of solidarity.
Solidarity marketing options:
- Remove a new product to market and leverage to connect it with solidarity actions.
- Linking a part of the profit made ??with sales of a product to one of the programs of the FSD.


Consideration for the Company (*)
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