Improve tomorrow's society supporting children today


Daydreaming The foundation has its origin in the Dreaming Awake Youth Association founded in Mexico in 1998 as a proactive response of a group of young people from serious weaknesses and threats facing children daily.
The Daydream Foundation started with the Daydream Youth Association which was founded in Mexico in 1998. It was set up by a group of young people as an active response to the serious deprivation and threats faced by children on a daily basis.
In 2000 we created the Daydream Foundation Barcelona with the aim of helping children at risk of social exclusion who live in shelters and care homes and with the support of those who wanted to offer all they can to others. And so, our first project was born: Friends Forever, along with other programs which are designed to work towards the dreams and the future of the most needy children in our country.
In 2007 we officially set up as a foundation which has greatly boosted our efforts.
We help more than 1800 children out of the 14,000 in care in Spain, with the support of a team of 900 volunteers.
We currently have branches in Valencia, Catalonia and Madrid.

Translated by Annabel Walley within the initative PerMondo. Sponsored by Mondo Agit offering translations from Spanish into English.