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INVENCIBLES ® Scholarships

Rubén López, founder of the Invincible Foundation, has been facing from June 5, 2018 to May 2019, a total of nine challenges with the objective of raising funds for different charitable causes.

Among the sporting challenges, Rubén has set different objectives: 24 hours in a row by bicycle, three ascents to Kilimanjaro, 270 km of crossing the Atacama Desert, 18 km swimming in the Bermuda Triangle, 350 km canoeing down the river Amazon, ascension to Everest ... and, his sixth challenge, in which he will travel 360 km by bicycle and ascend and descend from Aconcagua in less than 36 hours. The benefits of this challenge will be used to finance the First Sports Scholarships for young people living under the child protection system in Spain.
The challenge

Between January 14 and 19, Rubén will hold a first summit to acclimate and return to Mendoza, where the challenge against chromium and the impossible will begin.

On January 24, Rubén will leave Mendoza, at 746 meters high, to travel 180km by bicycle to Horcones, located at 2,950 meters of altitude. Once in Horcones, Rubén will leave the bike to start running and ascend the Aconcagua, which will then have to descend making the same trip back to Mendoza by bicycle.

But the story does not end here, a very special person for us will accompany you in this challenge!

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