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Our scholarships are aimed at those   young people who want to continue studying, and they can not do because of economic problems.
The scholarship program of the Foundation aims to help young people at risk of social exclusion, average degree studies.

According to the study "The educational pathways of young ex-tutored in Spain" from the European Commission (July 2010) these young people are part of one of the groups that suffer greater social and economic exclusion in the context of European nations. In Spain There has been an increase in the number of children and adolescents in protection, which have absorbed mainly residential centers. Despite significant progress towards standardization paradigm of the first 20 years of democracy, the number of places in schools has begun to grow again in the last ten years (...).

80% do not get the graduate school
70% are on a lower course to the touch,
64% repeat a year at present., 58% attend school irregularly

Currently, both Catalonia how the rest of Spain, there are a large number of students who fail the required minimum education.

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